Snubbed by the Helium Comedy Club!!!

Hi. I’ve started doing standup comedy as a hobby & I’ve performed four times now at open mics. Two of those times were at the Portland Helium Comedy Club, a somewhat popular venue near Hawthorne. Tonight, after practicing my new material all day, I signed up only to find out an hour later I did … Continue reading

Song Pick of the Day: Rise by Public Image Ltd.

Strange to say, but the only song I like from John Lydon’s (aka Johnny Rotten) career post-Sex Pistols career, Rise, is essentially the antithesis of a Pistols song. It features a surprisingly subdued vocal performance, a guitar solo, and a discernible bassline.   The band is Public Image Ltd, often shortened as PiL. As punk … Continue reading

No Party is Complete Without Spam!

As most people should know, the trick to throwing an enjoyable party–whether it’s formal or casual, an important event or a thrown together soiree–is to include items and foods which are bound to inspire interesting and amusing conversations. Otherwise, you could be left with a limp fish of a party; everyone standing around, listening to … Continue reading