Why I ended up self-publishing online.

If you’ve looked at my book, you’re probably wondering why it was that it’s only available in electronic form. Long story short: I wasn’t able to publish it any other way. For more than a year, I sent these stories to big magazines, quarterlies and even college periodicals. In this fashion, not only did I not get anywhere, but the responses I received showed no indication that anyone was bothering to read them before rejecting them, likely because none include werewolves, CIA agents, boy wizards, or manic-depressive vampires. I just recently came across an article in the newspaper about publishing online and quickly uploaded the stories that have been collecting dust for all this time. As of right now, I’ve only made a single sale since yesterday when I published it, but that’s still better than nothing. Also, this way saves paper (but ruins eyesight).
If you have a book you’d like to self-publish like mine, look for the self-publishing option on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com. Also, if you self-publish something, go ahead and send me a link to where it’s available.


To buy my book click here.


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