Arriving Late to a Party: Reading George R. R. Martin

Just finished Game of Thrones.

Drawn by Corey Pung

If some new exciting force enlivens the culture, I’m usually the last to know about it.  I’ve seriously had a habit of discovering the good things in life far too late.  For example, I never bothered listening to Radiohead in the 90’s, and now hardly a day goes by where I don’t listen to at least one of their songs.  I just started my first blog (what you’re reading) on June 11 of this year.  After trying, unsuccessfully, to become published through the traditional avenues for two years, I just now found out you could publish online and not have to go through any semi-literate agents and editors.  Add one more thing to the list: I only read Game of Thrones two weeks ago.

What makes this more embarassing for me is that I’ve had plenty of opportunities to read it.  It came out in 1996 (I was a mere 10 at the time).  In college two of my friends couldn’t stop talking about it.  One was an avid reader of fantasy and said it was his favorite fantasy book.  You’d think that’d be the incentive I’d need to sit down and read it.  Nope.  Fast forward five years; the TV show comes out on HBO and suddenly I’m inclined to buy it.

Real fantasy fans have been reading the series for years (there’s 4 books out).  Now I’m the guy who arrives late to a party–a rather nerdy party, but a party nonetheless.  I’m the poser.  I’m the guy who immediately latches onto something because it’s currently a trend.  I don’t care; I love the book.  Now I have some catching up to do.  I’ve finished Game of Thrones and I’m three books behind on the series.  There’s a new one coming out in mid July.  I don’t want to be late again!


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2 thoughts on “Arriving Late to a Party: Reading George R. R. Martin

  1. … it’s an awesome series. welcome to the club!
    [also, don’t try writing books to publish. write short stories. magazine editors invest in their authors.]

  2. that little comic at the top had me laughing my butt off!

    don’t feel bad about being a late adopter, last week I got my first cell phone. ever. and only because I had to for my job.

    Game of Thrones is a blast, as are the rest of the books in the series (Ok, book 4 pissed me off, but I’m sure I’ll feel better about the whole thing when I get book 5). Welcome to the GRRM cult! 🙂

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