Special request to book reviewers!

On the few occasions where luck is on my side and I can get the wordpress search engine to work as it should, I’ve noticed a huge amount of people have created blogs to review books or go through reading challenges.  If you’re one of these people, I have a special request to ask of you.  And even if you’re not a blogger, I have a request.

As readers of this site by now have realized (I advertise it everywhere) I’ve self-published an ebook titled The Madness of Art: Short Stories by Corey Pung.  It has been available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for about two weeks now, and while I’ve had a few sales, what I’m not getting are reviews.  So far, only one person has written a brief review.  For my book to recieve any kind of recognition, it needs reviews.  By that, I don’t mean it needs gushingly positive reviews, but it needs reviews simply to suggest to people it’s a real book with real stories, because, as William Gaddis wrote, “every four year old with a computer, everybody his own artist…”  With self-published ebooks, the public has no way to know if what they’re buying is even cogent or grammatically readable.  So what I ask of book reviewers, chronic bibliophiles, and casual readers is to please read my book and write a review.  If you haven’t the time, please read at least two stories and write up a review of them.

What’s in it for you?  If I start receiving reviews, I’ll create a page as part of coreysbook where people can read all of the reviews.  If I post your review, I’ll include a link on the page to your blog which will, hopefully, generate more views for you.  I can’t possibly pay you anything though; I’m in no position to.

What I ask of you to do:  After reading at least two stories, please write up a short review (it can be just 100 words if you want) and put it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble on the products page.  Then, copy and paste the review into an email to me and I’ll put it on The Madness of Art: Short Stories reviews page with a link to your blog or whatever social networking site you want to gain views for.

Since the book is an ebook, I don’t have a way to give it away for free.  Right now, the price is $6.99.  If that price is too high, email me and say you want it cheaper.  If enough people email me, I’ll try to lower the price for two days and alert you of when it goes on sale.

If you like the Coreysbook blog, this is the best way you can help me out.  I’m on the verge of becoming either a full-time line cook or a security guard–there’s very few decent jobs available in Washington right now.  If my book manages to bring in some sales though, I’ll be able to find a part time job instead and be able to put more effort into the coreysbook blog as well as devote much more time to the novel I’m currently writing.

If you’re in a giving mood but don’t like the idea of writing a review, consider donating.

If you want to take up the challenge of being some of the first people to review my book,

please purchase it on Amazon for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or home computer

or on Barnes and Noble for your Nook, iPad, iPhone, or home computer.

First upload your reviews onto Amazon or Barnes and Noble or both, then email your reviews to this address


In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll say that while I don’t expect everyone to like the book, or give it five stars, I most likely won’t include 1 star reviews or mean-spirited reviews on my page.  If you don’t like my book but write a thoughtful assessment as to why it doesn’t float your boat, then I’ll go ahead and include it on coreysbook.  Thanks in advance if you decide to follow through on this.

click here to check out my new book on Amazon.


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