New Feature on Coreysbook: The F+ Awards.

Thus far I’ve used my blog primarily to do two things: 1) Shill my own book (you’ve probably noticed ads for it everywhere on this site, and 2) shed light on fine pieces of artistry that have gone overlooked or underappreciated.  After reading an article on Fandango (click here to read it)  about how Transformers: 3 is such a hugley popular film world-wide, I realized, while there is definitely an altruistic aspect to letting the world know about great art, there is also the equally important task to dissuade people from wasting their time or especially their money on terrible art.  Bad art has a way of insinuating itself into people’s brains.  Bad art finds a way to warp people’s aesthetic sensibilities.  For these reasons and more, I’ve decided to start a new feature on Coreysbook:  The Coreysbook F+ Award in Artistic Achievement.

You may be wondering what the + is for.  Let no one say I’m too severe.  The + is there to at least say that a group of people or a single artist at least did something, so they deserve a + for getting out of bed to create their art.  Once they left bed though, what they created was awful, thus earning them an F+.

So when you’re viewing Coreysbook and you’re feeling a bit cynical or are in need of a laugh, check out my ongoing F+ Awards, located in the special features section on the sidebar.—>

First Honorary F+ Award in Artistic Achievement goes to…  Transformers 3!  Click here to check out my reasons why.

Second Honorary F + goes to Dean Koontz, for The Bad Place.

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