Last Day of Sale! My Short Story Collection is $3.99!

My book is titled The Madness of Art: Short Stories.  It’s a collection of eight stories, each a different type of story, and each relating to the strange lives of artists.  The different story types represented in the collection include coming-of-age, sci-fi, fantasy, murder-mystery, and a surrealist fable.

on sale now for 3.99

here's the cover I made for my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories

Some of the stories include:

Creation Redux:  Probably the most challenging story in the collection, Creation Redux is a story of the proverbial blank canvass made literal truth.  A man and a woman have spent their entire lives in a white room, devoid of real happiness, until the woman begins to imagine a world beyond.  It’s part Twilight Zone, part Beckettian exercise, and part fable about how the artistic process works.

The Shopper Awakes: An homage to the socially conscious writers of the fin-de-siecle, H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw.  A young aristocratic woman is put through a sort of ‘My Fair Lady in reverse’ scenario where, after falling unconscious during a screening of the H.G. Wells’ inspired film Things to Come, she awakes far into the future where civilization as we know it has fallen into decay and disrepair.  To survive, she must learn to step down from the pedestal to the gutters.  In the words of Joe Strummer, she learns “the truth is only known by guttersnipes.”

Andrea’s Boy Calvin:  In his teenage years, Calvin was praised as a wunderkind after publishing a handful of popular children’s stories.  After spending a short amount of time in college though, Calvin begins to not only lose his interest in children’s books, but begins to lose his sanity as well.  It doesn’t help that everyone else seems to be losing their minds too in a spectacular fashion.

Little Crescents: After a long career of fast-living, a Vegas nite-club singer decides to take time out and vacation alone in Hawaii.  As he sees it, his career has taken a turning-point: he has decided to devote himself to moody classical-inspired music (Beethoven in particular).  Between heavy drinking and the ghosts of his old life, it doesn’t seem he will get very far.

All of these stories and four more appear in The Madness of Art: Short Stories by Corey Pung.  The collection is the size of a full-length novel and is available for the rest of the day for $3.99, a 43% savings on the original price.  Tomorrow, it reverts to full price.

It’s available on Amazon for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and home computer.  Click here for the link.

It’s available on the Barnes and Noble website for Nook, iPad, iPhone, and your home computer.  Click here for the link.


check out my book!


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