Sound Experiment Based On Creation Redux, A Story From The Madness of Art: Short Stories

Lately I’ve been interested in taking the eight short stories from my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories and find a way to transfer them into different and unusual mediums.  Fo instance, I tried taking a portion of one of my stories, The Perfect Marriage, and turning it into a sort of Reading-Rainbow-For-Adults kind of thing, with mixed results (to see the video on youtube, click here).  Yesterday, I was playing around with Garage Band on Mac, got out my acoustic guitar, and put together a sound experiment containing snippets of text from my short story Creation Redux.  I used about a dozen different effects from Garage Band and managed to put together something strange.  I wouldn’t say this is necessarily good, nor will I go so far as to even call it music, but I found at least the process to be interesting.  I tried to make the music portion of this revolve largely around the chords A and B, just because the characters names are Anna and Bob.  I had to throw in D and E, because I don’t know enough about scales to compose around two chords and make it interesting.

The idea for this experiment came mostly from one of my favorite groups of musicans, The Clash.  Their album Sandinista contains a handful of experimental dubs where they took music and spliced in Joe Strummer simply talking.  The best of these songs is If Music Could Talk.  Here it is on Youtube (someone else loaded it).

A weirder experiment by them was called Silicon on Sapphire.  Here it is (I didn’t load it).  I’m pretty sure Joe is reading the instruction booklet to an old IBM computer.

Ghetto Defendant is a song from Combat Rock.  It’s in kind of the same vein as the last songs, but more coherent.  This tune’s particularly interesting because the voice speaking in the background belongs to Allen Ginsburg.  I think the must have done something to his voice, because it sounds a lot deeper than other recordings I’ve heard of him.

Whoever put together this video did a good job.

By the way, if anyone reading this is a musician, or just likes dickering around with Garage Band, you can take text from one of my stories and make it into a song. If you put it on Youtube, I’ll include a link on Coreysbook.  I’m okay with it so long as it only contains like a tenth of the text or less–have to give people a reason to buy the book.



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