Short Story Experiment: Need Your Help!

This is a request to anyone who reads this site.  I had an idea.  I’d like to try and write a short story based on prompts you give me.  If this sounds interesting, what I’d like you to do is write a single noun in the response box at the bottom of the page.  Remember, you don’t have to be a wordpress member to do this.  You can also sign in just using either your facebook or twitter account.  I believe you can also use your email address if you don’t have any of the sites listed.

The steps are simple

1: Sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress accounts.

2:  Write a noun (person, place, object, or thing) into the response box.

3:  Check back at to see the story I write using the five nouns that different readers submit.

Remember:  Only one noun from each person.  Your noun doesn’t have to be related to the last person’s noun; I’d prefer it if they weren’t.  The other thing is, I try to keep this site PG/PG-13, so exercise discretion.

I won’t start writing the story until five people have submitted a noun each, so consider telling your friends to speed up the process. They’d have to sign in using their accounts.

Whenever I do finish the story, I’ll post it onto Coreysbook where it can be read free of charge.

To read short stories I’ve published, go to the following links.

If you own a Kindle, or want to read my book on your iPad, iPhone, laptop or home computer, click here.

If you own a Nook, or wish to read my book on your iPad, iPhone, laptop or home computer, click here.

To read some free previews and quotes from The Madness of Art: Short Stories, click here.

Click here to see my book on Amazon.





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