Favorite Old Wacky Book Covers, Part 1.

I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s a rule I have little problem with breaking.  To be honest, I frequently judge books by their covers, and as you’ll see, I’ve purchased a bunch of books largely based on the covers alone, while I’ve also avoided dozens of novels on the merit of the cover.  I especially love finding used books from forty or fifty years ago, when cover art was frequently made up of weird paintings and it seemed the main part of the aesthetic was to jam as much imagery in as possible.  Cover art today I’d say is by and large lousy.  It seems now the general idea is to reveal very little of the book by including a highly photoshopped image like a chess piece or an out of focus garden or just feature the title and author in giant letters that are supposed to take on significance just because of their bulkiness.  Such novels I generally pass on, whereas whack-a-doo, whimsical covers get me checking my wallet for how much I have on me.  Here’s four of my favorites (In no particular order).  Check back later for more.

So not only is Frankenstein’s face made of reflective metal, but it also seems to have grafted on Kate Hudson’s hair, and accessorized with what looks like a neckerchief or ascot.

I’m afraid that if I read this book it’ll ruin the cover for me.  Also, that beetle looks like it’s up to no good.

From the cover alone, I gather that this book is about the day when the hippies finally decide to become militant and blitz the Epcot Center.  In the background, a tripod invader from The War of the Worlds waits and wonders why the tank considers the Epcot Center a greater threat.

Man, I hate when this happens to me…  At least the evil snake can be used to play Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Also, here’s the three covers I’ve created so far for my book The Madness of Art Short Stories.  I guess they’re pretty lame in comparison.

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