New Image for The Madness of Art: Short Stories

Does anyone who bought a Mac feel jilted when you realized it didn’t come installed with a program like Paint for the PC?  When I got my Macbook I spent a long time searching for one among the programs, but there’s only iPhoto which creates albums, Preview which you can take screenshots with, and Photo Booth for quick pics.  Those three programs are all helpful and I use them all the time for my blogs, but Paint was such an easy way to goof around with pictures.  I just found online a program called Gimp (I don’t know why they insisted on calling it that) that’s kind of like Paint but works on your Mac.  On one hand, it can do more than Paint for Windows can, but it’s unfortunately not as intuitive or user-friendly as the older program.  It is free to download, so that’s a plus.

I scanned a drawing I made as an illustration for my short story The Shopper Awakes then tried coloring it in with Gimp.  This is the end product.  It took me a long time to figure out how the program worked.  I’m going to keep playing around with it and hopefully produce some better images, but for now, here’s my pic for The Shopper Awakes.

an image I made for my short story The Shopper Awakes.


The Shopper Awakes, by the way, is essentially a time-travel story, but if you’re rolling your eyes, I’ll say that I do realize the time-travel subgenre is over-done and loaded with cliches, and that the time-travelling that takes place here is part of a fabulist adventure rather than a scientific story.  A young fashionista named Rita is knocked unconscious only to wake up decades in the future where she is given the nickname “Rita Van Winkle.”  The future, by all appearances, is dystopian or post-apocalyptic (whatever you want to call it), but the more she wanders, the more she realizes that such labels as “dystopian” and “post-apocalyptic” are highly subjective, and that her nightmare might just be someone else’s dream.  This one of eight stories collected in The Madness of Art: Short Stories.

Here’s the original sketch before coloring.


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