Favorite Wacky Old Book Covers, Part 2.

Does it look at all like the guy in the foreground just finished with a broadway musical number and is now doing a jazz-hands finale?

Paradoxically, this image tells you nothing about the book, but also perhaps tells you everything you need to know.

The moment I saw the weird goat-faced man I was sold on reading this.  It doesn’t hurt that it was just a dollar.  Also, do the colorful harpie women with swords remind anyone of Xanadu?

“He’s too human to be real…  And he doesn’t even know it!”  People are always saying that about me.  My inner nerdlinger has to ask, who’d win in a fight, the synthetic man or the six million dollar man?  The Synthetic Man has eye lasers, but the Six Million Dollar Man comes from money…  At least, I hope the Synthetic Man has lasers, and some guy’s not just shining two lasers simultaneously into his eyes.

Check out my Favorite Old Wacky Book Covers Part 1.

Also, I’ve just added part 3.


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