Sundry News About Coreysbook

There’s a few small pieces of information I’d like to share about this blog and about my book.

First, I’m starting what I’m calling the “3 for $3” promotion for my book.  You might have noticed on the right of the screen there’s a button linking you to the Facebook page for my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories.  So far, the page has had very little attention, even though I started it before I started  Anyways, to promote my book, I’ve decided once I have twenty more people “like” my page on Facebook, I’ll lower the cost of The Madness of Art: Short Stories to $3 for 3 days.  That’s more than 50% off the current price.

Secondly, I’ll have to ask people who subscribe to my blog to bear with me for a while.  It seems a lot of people like hearing about books, but the problem is, I can only read so many.  I’m in the process of loading a bunch of new content to the blog, hoping to offer something for everyone, but if you’re only interested in books, again just bear with me and ignore all the stuff I’ll be adding about movies and music and childish humor and so on.

Thirdly, on the topic of books, a long time ago on this site I posted a poll asking people what giant book I should read next.  The idea didn’t work out too well because only two people voted, and they voted for different things.  One voted for War and Peace, and the other for Against the Day.  I hadn’t anticipated a tie.  My apologies to the democratic process, but because of this whole snafu I decided to read Against the Day, although War and Peace I do promise to read sooner or later too.

Lastly, I’m still looking for two more nouns for my short story experiment.  I can’t understand why people are so reluctant to write comments on my site.  Basically, all I need is for two people to write down a noun each, and then I can start my short story based on the five nouns I recieve (I already have “dog,” “Russia,” and “diamond.” Whatever I come up with will be available for free on Coreysbook.  So do me a favor and add a noun if you haven’t yet.

On an unrelated note, I recently found out that if you press the “reader” button located on the right side of your browser bar, the articles on Coreysbook pop up separately from the page itself, making them much easier to read–plus you don’t have to look at all the junk I put on the sidebar.

Things to look forward to:

I’m planning to finally get back to my Top 15 Classic European Films list.  I just rewatched the movie that’s next in order.

I’m going to try to turn my short story “The Shopper Awakes” from The Madness of Art: Short Stories into a comic book adaptation.  I’ve started on character sketches already.  This will also be available free on  It’ll take me a while, so I’ll probably publish it piecemeal.

Right now I’m reading Julian Barnes’ new book Pulse, so expect a full review soon.

Okay that’s it for now.  Thanks to everyone who reads Coreysbook.


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