Questions for WordPress Users

I’m relatively new to this whole blogging thing.  I started Coreysbook back in June of this year and haven’t done any previous blogging before this.  There’s a lot of things I simply don’t yet get.  If you know your way around wordpress well, please do me a favor and write quick answers in the comments box on the bottom.

Searching:  I can rarely get the wordpress search engine to work.  Sometimes to find something I’ll have to click search and let it load 5 times or so.  I use tag searches, but these don’t have the specificity I desire.  Is there a quick, efficient way to search?  There’s thousands and thousands of blogs out there, it’d be nice if I’d be able to find some.

Pingbacks:  Everytime I put a post up my inbox gets automatically loaded up with half a dozen pingbacks. Is there a way to stop getting these all the time?

Views:  How many views do you get a day on average?  I keep wondering if I’m getting less than average or more, or what the average even is.  If you’re getting tons of views, how many posts do you have?

Search engines:  Are search engines based on how recent the post is?  By that I mean, do posts get pushed down as time goes on?  It seems like I’ll have posts that are popular for maybe two weeks then stop getting views altogether.

That’s it for now.  Thank you for your time.


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