Cover Image to The Shopper Awakes Comic

As I mentioned a little while ago on Coreysbook, I am currently in the process of turning one of the more fantastic tales from The Madness of Art: Short Stories into a comic book adaptation.  It’s called The Shopper Awakes and is about a young woman who, through pure mischance, finds herself transported decades into a future which might be a nightmarish dystopia or a pleasant utopia in drab disguise.

I’ve spent the last few days coming up with character designs and have just today finished an image which I’m planning to use as the cover (see below).  I’m drawing and inking it by hand, while using my computer to color it and provide the letters.  Figuring out how to use the computer program is what’s taking me longest right now–I enjoy drawing and so on, but the computer can be a real headache.  Hopefully I’ll have a few more pages loaded soon.  If you want to read The Shopper Awakes in its original prose form, consider purchasing The Madness of Art: Short Stories available on Amazon and through the Barnes and Noble website.  If you want to read the free samples of The Shopper Awakes comic as they come out, consider subscribing to coreysbook or bookmarking it.  I’ll most likely upload the pages whenever I finish them.

cover to The Shopper Awakes #1

Cover to upcoming comic

Here’s some different versions of the pic above.

The same image except without title text

ad for my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories

cover art by Corey Pung








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