The Shopper Awakes Comic Adaptation Page 3

In case you haven’t been following my latest project, I am in the process of turning one of my short stories from my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories and adapting it myself into a comic book.  The story is titled The Shopper Awakes, and is about how a bad first date inexplicably turns into a time-travelling adventure for a rich heiress.  It’s a humorous/satirical story which should also appeal to science-fiction fans.  I’ll eventually release much of it online for free as I finish it, so consider bookmarking or subscribing to

The Shopper Awakes Page 3

See the earlier pages.

If comics are your thing, then check out my other site, Panel Discussions.

If anyone from a non-English speaking country is reading this, I’m pretty sure WordPress automatically translates text, so here’s the word bubbles from above in script form.

Page 2:

Panel 1:

Father:  You realize I have as many lawyers as this house has windows?  Disinheritance and cutting you off from the trust fund would be a cinch.

Panel 2:

Father: And that’s exactly what I’ll do if you don’t find a suitable fiancee.  Someone who’s ambitious, well to do, cultured…  Someone who has been to Rome and Paris…

Panel 3:

Father: And not just the Paris of the South like your last boyfriend Clem!

Panel 4:

Father: Unless you wish to lose all of your privileges, find yourself a higher caliber of man.

Panel 5:

Father: And no more dating the magnificent dregs!


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