New Brilliant Idea for a Fiction Experiment: Unnecessary Fan Fiction (Okay, Maybe Not So Brilliant).

Recently I’ve been looking at other people’s fiction online.  People who, like myself, couldn’t find a mainstream publisher and instead decided to upload their writing on the internet.  Some of the stuff I’ve read is actually kind of cool.  The one disconcerting thing I found online was the huge amount of fan fiction out there.  Fan fiction is basically when a person loves a movie, book, or TV series so much that they write their own sequels or stories set within the franchises.  I saw tons of fan-fiction for stuff like the X-Men, Twilight, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and so on, and it got me thinking, what about stories that were never quite good enough to develop a big nerdy fanbase?

For this reason, I’d like to come up with what I call “unnecessary fan fiction,” i.e. stories based on other stories that weren’t so wonderful to begin with. has thousands and thousands of pieces of fan-fiction for every story that’s even half way decent.  For instance, somehow Footloose has 6 pieces of fan fiction and The Pirates of the Carribean has 19,140.  What I want to do is different.  I want to take fan fiction to a whole other weird place.

The main idea of course would be to produce an end product that’s funny and irreverent.  So please read through my ideas and vote at the bottom for the one you’d most like to read.  Also, if you can think of lousy films or well-known books that for some inexplicable reason need fan fiction, then write them down in the comments box.  Finally, if you feel inclined to create fan fiction and would like to see it on Coreysbook, pitch your idea in the comments box and I’ll create an email account where people can send in their stories (of course, this is a PG site, so please no harsh language or explicit scenes, but clever innuendoes and double entendres are fine).  I should point out that there’s no point to this and no payment involved to people who submit stuff, but at least you can have the satisfaction of having done something for no particular reason.

Okay, so here’s some of the movies and tv shows I thought of that don’t need-but-might-as-well-have fan fiction.

Short Circuit
What else might happen to everyone’s favorite poorly made robot J-5 after Short Circuit 2?

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
This is frequently considered one of the worst movies ever (I’ve seen it and would agree).  But what happens after Santa conquers the Martians?

Surprisingly, people haven’t written fan fiction about this truly awful Schwarzenegger film.  Maybe we should change that.

Unfortunately, a few people have taken the time to write fan fiction about the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger having a baby, but I’m sure we can take it in different directions.

Boat Trip
Does anyone remember the Cuba Gooding Junior/ Horatio Sans film Boat Trip?  Didn’t think so.  For that reason alone it could use some unnecessary fan fiction.

I’ve heard this is one of the most awful films ever.  Perfect choice for unnecessary fan fiction.

Corky Romano
Maybe create a piece of fan fiction where Corky solves the debt crisis.

Half Past Dead
This Steven Seagal action film got a whopping 2% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Unnecessary fan fiction seems in order.

Ballistics: Ecks Vs. Sever
On Rotten Tomatoes list of the worst rated films of the years 2000 t0 2009, this was the #1 worst rated.  It got 0% positive reviews.  Unnecessary fan fiction?

Jury Duty
Do you remember this movie?  Paulie Shore is on a jury?  What if this were a supreme court jury?

The Golden Palaces
The Golden Palaces was a spin-off of The Golden Girls where all of the girls, sans Bea Arthur, open a hotel.  It costars Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin.  This was a real show.  Should it have fan fiction?

Powder was a movie about a magic albino.  What are the mischief can he get into?

Plan 9 From Outer Space
Often called the worst film ever.  I kind of like it.

Now to be honest, if people vote for movies I haven’t seen, I might just write fan fiction based on the cover/movie posters and the tagline.

So if there’s anything on the list you think needs unnecessary fan fiction, vote below.  If you have your own suggestions, write them in the comments box.

Also, I’m still looking for input on a fiction experiment I tried to do a while ago.

You can vote for up to 4 choices.

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