Top Ten Most Ridiculous Songs I’ve Heard, #10-6

I’d like to first clarify that this list is the top 10 most ridiculous songs I’ve heard, not the top 10 worst.  In fact, I actually like a lot of these songs, it’s just that they’re so mind-bogglingly weird I have to laugh every time I hear them.  Here are numbers 10 to 6; expect the top 5 sometime this week.  I didn’t make any of these videos.

10.  Loose Caboose by Joe Tex.

I heard this for the first time on a low-end radio station right as I was parking my car.  I ended up sitting in my car for several minutes just to hear the rest of it.  It’s especially funny when he starts interacting with the audience 2 minutes into the song.  I’ve got to say though, this is pretty catchy.

9.  Rocketman sung by William Shatner

I’m not sure whose idea this was, but I’d like to commend them for creating this ridiculous song and video.  Elton John’s version is fun, but Shatner turns it into a weird taxi-cab confession.  Shatner couldn’t get much higher, until he got himself a rocket.

8.  Do the Bartman by Bart Simpson

This is from way back in ’91 I believe, when The Simpsons were first gaining a lot of attention.  The cast of the show got together and put out an album called The Simpsons Sing the Blues (which I own, and recently dusted off and listened to).  This was also around the time Michael Jackson was wildly popular, so I can see how this made sense at the time.  Since then, The Simpsons have parodied this album and this song several times.

7. Gotham City by R. Kelly

Unless you watched the entire credits of the film Batman & Robin you probably wouldnt’ have ever known this song existed.  If you listen to the verses, it sounds like a serious ballad, but then he sings about Gotham City.  Also, this doesn’t fit Batman at all.  Do you think this is what they listened to when Batman taught Robin to slow-dance?  This is meant as a song to relax to, or as Mr. Freeze would say “Everybody, chill.”

6.  Convoy Theme Song

Apparently this was made for a 70’s truck driver movie called Convoy, but the song took on a life of it’s own.  Now, whenever I’m following someone on the road, I wish I had a walkie-talkie just to yell “Convoy.”

That’s it for now.  Check back soon for the top 5.  Convoy!

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Ridiculous Songs I’ve Heard, #10-6

  1. Thank you for Loose Caboose – i feel it borders on “most ridiculous” and “completely underrated classic funk” but it’s a thin line. Nevertheless, i’ve played it several times and look forward to hearing it again so it clearly has a hidden charm

    • Yes, and that was pretty funny. Another weird Shatner song would be his rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man. At the very end he angrily yells “Mr. Tambourine Man!” almost like when he yells “Kahn!”

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