New Feature on Coreysbook: Just for Laughs

I’ve been trying my hardest to fill up this site with as much content as possible that’s related loosely to arts and entertainment, writing about nearly everything with the exception of celebrity gossip (too many other sites already do that).  I realize now that my posts usually come in four styles.  1: Long, boring and discursive polemicals that no one bothers to read but I insist on writing.  2: Reviews of books, movies, and albums no one cares about.  3: Trivial pieces of information I feel like sharing but that border on spam.  4: Pieces of irreverent humor that have little redeeming qualities except that I wrote them trying to be funny.  Frankly, I’m surprised I have subscribers at all (I’d like to thank all 24 people who’ve subscribed to Coreysbook so far).

Since people seem to mildly enjoy the humorous stuff I put on this site, I decided I’d create a spot where all of it can be collected in one place.

  Anyways, in the future, I’ll add everything that I write that I think is funny to this page.  To find the list, click on the Just For Laughs button on the sidebar—->



Here’s all of the humorous posts I’ve written so far.

Bookish Humor

Favorite Wacky Old Book Covers Part 1

Favorite Wacky Old Book Covers Part 2 

Favorite Wacky Old Book Covers Part 3

Newest F+ Award: The Bad Place By Dean Koontz

Unnecessary Fan Fiction

Movie Humor

Six Ideas for Independence Day 2

Take the Ridiculous Film Challenge

Music Humor

T0p 10 Most Ridiculous Songs I’ve Heard, 10-6

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