The Madness of Art: Short Stories Has Been Reviewed!!!

I published my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories back in June, and so far, the only advertising out there for it has been on this website and the second-rate videos I put on youtube.  Finally, my book should be getting better exposure because a review has appeared in The Portland Book Review, a quarterly newspaper circulated throughout Portland.

My book The Madness of Art: Short Stories is reviewed!

You can also read the review on the Portland Book Review website.

I’m more or less okay with what the reviewer has to say (okay I have some negative reactions, but I’ll keep those silent).  Two things I absolutely have to point out.  1)  It’s available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble, meaning that people with Nook ebook readers can also read it.  2) THE FULL TITLE IS THE MADNESS OF ART: SHORT STORIES!  Here it’s listed as The Madness of Art.  If you type just The Madness of Art into Amazon or Barnes and Noble , it won’t show up.  The best thing to do is just search for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by typing in my name, Corey Pung.  In hindsight, I should have chosen a title that hadn’t been used before (I didn’t know that at the time I published it–I really should have googled that!).

If 121 pages sounds short, keep in mind this is an ebook, and one ebook page is about 1.5 regular book pages long, making the book more like 180 pages long.

Also, this isn’t the Portland Book Review’s fault, but the price is now $2.99.  I changed the price just a few weeks ago, after the review had been completed.

I’d like to point out that even if you do not own an ebook reader (I don’t), you can read The Madness of Art: Short Stories on your laptop, home computer, iPad, or iPhone.  Amazon and Barnes and Noble both offer free apps to do that which take about 1 minute to download. It’s available also in paperback for $9.35.

Lastly, I’d sincerely like to thank the Portland Book Review for doing this.

If you would like to purchase my book, please click on the pic below to see it on Amazon.


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