Just Some Pointless Humor: My New Comic Duo, Glib & Hackney

Glib and Hackney are comic/cartoon characters I debuted about a week ago on Panel Discussions, my other blog about cartoons and comics.  Usually, I try to use Coreysbook mainly to upload intellectually stimulating content, but here I’ll balance things out with some pure inanity.

The basic idea behind Glib and Hackney is that Glib is an overly-educated moody genius, and Hackney is a character who mostly speaks in hackneyed sayings.

I’ve already come up with an entire adventure for them where they go see a movie.  This is just the first page of the story.

I made it into a cheap motion comic for peopel who don’t like to read.  Please excuse my second rate voice acting.

comic by Corey Pung

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