Christmas Stories

I realize it’s way, way too early to start talking or thinking about Christmas, but I recently had the inspiration to write a novella for the holiday, and since it takes so long to format writing into ebooks and paperbacks, I’d better start now.

I’m highly interested in what people think about Christmas stories.  Please share whatever your thoughts on the genre might be.  For example, what’s your favorite Christmas book/film?

Do you think Christmas stories need to be more religious, or less so?

Do you like a lot of schmaltz and sentimentality in Christmas stories (like Hallmark films) or do you like a certain amount of detachment from the holiday (like The Simpsons Christmas specials)?

Of course, I realize every year we’re inundated with every sort of Christmas story, fair to middling, but I do think these play a necessary role in our culture.  For most of us in the US (except those fortunate enough to be in Hawaii), December means rain or snow, annual depression, and horrendous amounts of stress.  In Washington, it means basically never leaving the house–there’s simply so much rain and biting wind!  I’d like to do my part to make this horrid season bearable by writing some manner of charming Christmas tale, so please provide whatever input you can.

Also I plan to read Shakespeare’s Christmas play, Twelth Night (it really was written for Christmas celebrations, hence the title).


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