Two of the Happiest Songs Ever

Lately I’ve been pretty hooked on bleak/moody new music, and hardly a day goes by where I don’t listen to Tom Waits or Radiohead or something along those lines, but I’ve got to say, I can still enjoy a good, happy-go-lucky tune when I hear one.  The happiest of happy music for me has got to be Jazz.  I think even the catchiest of pop music pales in comparison to jazz in terms of expressing emotion because inevitably the banal lyrics muck things up.  So anyways, here’s two jazz songs I’ve found that are just delightful.

1) King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, “Chimes Blues.”

One of the musicians playing here is a young Louis Armstrong.  I think the use of the descending chimes is an inspired touch, making this a unique song and a staple of New Orleans style jazz.

2) Horace Silver, “A Prescription for the Blues”

I was surprised to look on Youtube and see this song wasn’t available there, so I quickly threw together a video and uploaded it.  I like this song for taking a very simple theme and then stomping around with it for five minutes, and ending it with a loose drum solo.

Objectively speaking, Chimes Blues is the better song, but A Prescription for the Blues has a jolliness and exuberance to it that’s hard to match.

Are there any other ideal candidates for the happiest songs ever that you’d like to share?  If so, write about them in the comments box.

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