The Art of Job Searching: Follow My Adventures, Should be Fun.

Lately, the low point of every day for me is the time I set aside to do some job searching. As anyone who has spent time searching for jobs knows, the process can be asanine. I mean, have you ever had to fill out the 40 page questionaires where the employer asks you–in ten different phrasings–if you think it’s okay to steal from your company? Then there’s the futility of it all, i.e. you might spend an entire hour filling out an entire online application then never hear back from the recipient.

Anyways, to make the process more enjoyable, I’ve decided to add a performance aspect to it. I’ve just created a facebook page specifically revolving around my job search. If you use facebook, please visit and click like on my page to get updates on how the process is going, and, more importantly, to interact. That’s right, if you have suggestions, tips, leads, or want to share a joke about anything, or share a song I should listen to, feel free to upload it on the wall. Anything goes. There’s no annoying friend request necessary either.

“Corey’s Job Search” FB PAGE

Also, if you want to follow my process to a more complete degree, you can follow me on Twitter where I’ll be sharing stuff throughout the day.

What’s in it for you? Foremost, I’m hoping this will prove amusing. The point is to make job searching not seem so miserable. At the same time, maybe what goes on will assist you if you ever have to do a boring job search, or maybe it will provide encouragement if you’re currently going through the same thing I am.

So please check out the FB page and follow me on Twitter.

Also, if you really want to help me out, please order a copy of my book of fiction titled The Madness of Art: Short Stories available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble in paperback and ebook form.


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