A Little Humor In the Spirit of Occupy Wall Street

I for one have found the Occupy movement, whether in Portland or Wall Street or the places in between, to be completely fascinating. As a writer, I’ve found the whole thing to be rather inspiring–how can I complain about sitting at my computer typing being difficult when people are sitting out in the awful weather trying to make a point? Anyways, here’s a drawing I made the other night.

–Shameless, I know.

Best of luck to everyone out there protesting corporate greed. I don’t think politicians have yet to show they are affected, but at least people are talking.

If you would like to purchase my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories, it’s on sale through Amazon and through Barnes and Noble. It’s available in paperback and as an ebook, so you can read it while protesting! How’s that for finding a niche?

Occupy Wall Street has a Facebook page.


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