My New Book is Out! A Rapturous Occasion!

Here's the cover art I made for my new book A Rapturous Occasion

I’ve finally completed and published my newest book titled A Rapturous Occasion. It’s a comedy of errors set in the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas.

A Rapturous Occasion is about Mr. and Mrs. Lyons, a middle-aged couple who have become convinced the world is soon to end, and that this Christmas will be their last. In anticipation for the Rapture, they write a handful of letters to their loved ones whom they believe will be left behind. They then entrust the letters to their housekeeper, who very rightly holds a grudge against them…

What follows is a medley of mix-ups and miscommunication, the likes of which you won’t find too often outside of Shakespeare, as each of the recipients decide to confront the Lyons. As with any good comedy, every action has an unintended consequence, including falling into poverty and falling in love.

Right now A Rapturous Occasion is available as an ebook through Amazon for the special sale price of just $1.50. Most likely by tonight it will be available thorugh I’m hoping to have it available in paperback very soon. Stay tuned to this site for future announcements.

If you would like to purchase the ebook of A Rapturous Occasion, please visit the Amazon product page. Keep in mind, you can read it on your Kindle, iPad, or home computer with a free app that takes about a minute to download.

I have also created a Facebook page for A Rapturous Occasion.


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