My New Book A Rapturous Occasion is Now Available in Paperback: Christmas Gift Idea

A Rapturous Occasion

Last week I released my book A Rapturous Occasion as an ebook through Barnes and Noble and Amazon for the special sale price of $1.50. Shortly afterwards, I submitted my file for paperback publication, and it just yesterday became available on Amazon in paperback. Very shortly it should be on Barnes and Noble in paperback as well.

A Rapturous Occasion is essentially a comedy of errors about a family that falls apart during the holiday season, all because the parents have misread the news to think the world is about to end.

I would say my book is a quick read. I put a lot of effort into creating a nice flow for the prose, and tried my best to clarify my sentences in such a way that the reader should be able to finish A Rapturous Occasion in just a few days

Please view the product page on Amazon.

I have also created a Facebook page for A Rapturous Occasion.


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