My Latest Drawings

One of the problems of being independent or being a self-published writer is that you have to be in charge of your own advertising. Some people have it easier, as they can pay to have ads placed on the blogs of others or run ads in newspapers. Unfortunately, I don’t have much money at all right now, so I have little recourse except to make advertisements myself for my new book A Rapturous Occasion.

The plus side to this is that I’ve recently rekindled my long lost love of drawing. As a child, I was always drawing, and illustrating remained an interest of mine until I made a very stupid mistake in high school: took an art class. My art teacher had the cold, detached severity of a member of the second reich while maintaining the veneer of being an aged hippy. In class, he paid little attention to me or my work, while praising the other students, so at that point, I lost interest in drawing for several years. Now that I am old enough to understand that much of high school was a fraudulent enterprise, I am okay with disregarding the views of my former instructors.

One of my goals now is to become better at illustrating, and I have been seriously considering my next project to be a comic book. To this end, I’ve set the goal to draw every day. Here are the images I’ve produced mainly in the last week to promote my novel A Rapturous Occasion, which is now available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. Please check it out (the ebook is just $1.50 right now).

Here's two images I cropped and included on the back cover for A Rapturous Occasion

This one's a little different because I used a paintbrush in place of a pen

If you would like to purchase my book A Rapturous Occasion, please visit the Amazon or Barnes and Noble product pages, where it’s available in paperback or as an ebook (the ebook is currently just $1.50 for a short time).

If you like my images, I’d recommend you bookmark my Flickr site, as I always load my drawings there first.


One thought on “My Latest Drawings

  1. You have loved to draw for a long time. Glad to see you doing it again. Somewhere packed away are drawing books of yours.
    Love mom

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