My Attempt to Create an Audio Book of A Rapturous Occasion, Day 1.

Yesterday, the idea was put into my head that I should turn my recently published novel A Rapturous Occasion into an audio book. The idea came about not as a chance to make some money (so far I’ve brought in no substantial profits), but as a necessary action. I have a relative who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Due to medication, she can’t read or type at the moment, and it was suggested to me that listening to my book might be a way for her to pass the time. Also, I dedicated my book to my grandparents on both sides of my family, but the irony here is that it’s very unlikely they’d sit down and read it. Poor vision can be a major hindrance on the literary lifestyle. So for them, I’ve decided to try and record my entire book aloud myself.

Of course, I’m no saint and I won’t pass up on an opportunity to bring in some manner of income. I do consider writing to be my career after all, so why not profit from it? So far, I have made less than $100 from self-publishing 2 books this year. The worst part is, what I have made can’t even be considered profit, as I spent $80 on a “Pro Plan” gimmick and $35 on a review that brought in absolutely no sales. Who knows, maybe an audio book would finally bring in the revenue I’d need to continue being a writer.

The charm of an audio book is that there’s so many different occasions when you can listen to it. For instance, a friend of mine asked me to record one of my short stories so that he could listen to it while on a long road trip. My story “What Irony” when read aloud filled up a full 40 minutes, and sure enough, he listened to it. He also owns a copy of my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories, but to this day hasn’t spent so much as half an hour reading it.

Audio books can also be listened to while cleaning the house, or at the gym, or walking the dog. I would sooner listen to an audio book than the inane babble of radio pundits.

So for these reasons, I’ll try to turn A Rapturous Occasion into an ebook. My goal is to have it finished by Christmas, so I can give it to my aforementioned relatives. Shortly thereafter, I’ll try to find a way to sell it through Amazon.

I always like my blog to have a performance aspect, so over the next few days I’ll try and write about what it’s like to record an audio book. If that interests you, please bookmark or subscribe to this site (it’s free).

If you would rather read my book than listen to it, please visit the Amazon product page. It’s available in paperback for $8.64 and as an ebook for just $0.99 right now.

Have you ever listened to an entire audio book?


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