Two Free Christmas Cards!

It’s Christmas Eve and you still haven’t bought Christmas cards for your friends and family? I have got you covered. This year, being preternaturally broke, I decided to make my own Christmas cards. Here’s two that I drew by hand then colored in with the computer. Feel free to print them out and use them if you want.

And here’s the interior…

This next one I made for my grandparents, so it’s a little dorky.

And here’s the interior…

To print these, first print the cover. Then take the cover and put it face up in your printer with the illustrations facing you to print the interior. You should practice first using grayscale quick print so you don’t waste your ink.

Please check out my books The Madness of Art Short Stories and A Rapturous Occasion. Both are available through Amazon in paperback and as ebooks. To find out more, check out my Amazon author page.

If you enjoyed these free Christmas cards, please click like, and if a lot of people seem to like them, I might try to make more for other holidays.




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