Coming Soon: A Second Edition of My Novel A Rapturous Occasion

Normally, second editions are published when the first edition sells so well the publishers run out of copies. In my case, the second edition of my book A Rapturous Occasion will be launched for the opposite reason: extremely low sales. I self-published this book, which means I have the option of taking it off the market briefly and bringing it back out with corrections, ammendations, and alterations.

The main reason I’m bringing out a second edition is to create a new cover. My knowledge of drawing and photo editing has improved in recent months, and when I look at my old cover, I think to myself, I can do better. I’ve drawn up a few thumbnail sketches, but I’m not sure what I’ll use yet.

The other reason for my choice is because the original has a few typographical blotches. Some are hardly noticeable, such as at one point I wrote it was “very probably” as opposed to “very probable.” Some of the later typos are more egregious, such as at one point, near the end, I mix up the names of two of my protagonists. A few pages later, I have one character turn on a televized “shedule” when I meant to write “special.” The hard part will be avoiding the urge to change the text too much. Three months have passed since I finished it, and if I monkey around with it now, I might screw up the tone or the rhythm of the novel.

Despite low sales, A Rapturous Occasion is a pretty good book. Searching for typos has required me to re-read my own book, and I can honestly say, “Not bad.” Many scenes I am quite proud of, and the story as a whole is so good I have to wonder how I came up with it to begin with. A few people I know have read A Rapturous Occasion, and they read it quickly. Their responses were positive, so I thought to myself, why is a good book not selling?

In an effort to fix this issue, I’ll re-release A Rapturous Occasion most likely sometime in the next two weeks. For collectors and the curious, this presents an interesting opportunity. If you purchase my book now, you’ll own one of the very few copies out there of the first edition.

If you’d like to purchase A Rapturous Occasion, please check out the Amazon product page.

I’m considering including a handful of black and white illustrations in the new edition. I love reading Dickens’ novels when they include the original illustrations, and some more modern books have made a good use of pictures as well, such as the drawings in William Saroyan’s The Human Comedy or the charming scribbles that show up from time to time in Kurt Vonnegut’s work. I’m on the fence about this though.

Hopefully, the experience of bringing out a second edition of A Rapturous Occasion will inspire me to work out the kinks with my other book The Madness of Art: Short Stories, which is getting better sales, but still not great.


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