A Small Victory for My Book A Rapturous Occasion

Okay, I’ll admit it, my book A Rapturous Occasion wasn’t the astounding success I hoped it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a perfectly fine little book, but it seems no matter what I do, the thing won’t sell. So far, the people who have read it have liked it, but word of mouth hasn’t exactly spread like wildfire. Unfortunately, having a very small income right now means I can’t pay to have it advertised, and marketing it myself independent of commercial backing hasn’t done much of anything for me. I realized a few moments ago that I have at least accomplished one thing: I’ve cornered the market on the phrase A Rapturous Occasion. By that, I mean if you type in the phrase A Rapturous Occasion into Google, you should see a lot of stuff about my book that I have personally uploaded online (although Google is confusing now that they’ve made it more personalized, so you may have different results than me).

When I Googled my novel, here is what showed up:

I didn’t type in my name (Corey Pung) or anything. Just the phrase “A Rapturous Occasion.”

Unfortunately, having a decent internet presence hasn’t helped my sales, as they’re at low ebb right now (alright, that’s a euphemism, they’re actually the lowest they’ve ever been). Here’s my current Amazon sales rank.

sales rank for my novel A Rapturous Occasion

So what do I do now? If you have any ideas of how to stir up some sales without paying anything, please write them in the comments box below.

Sometime soon I’ll release a second edition with a new book cover, and that should hopefully improve my sales.

You can also check out my Facebook page for A Rapturous Occasion.

If you’d like to help fix my embarassingly low sales rank rise up, please purchase my book A Rapturous Occasion from Amazon. It’s available in paperback and as an ebook (and the ebook is just $0.99!).


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