Changes to Coreysbook

I’ll admit it, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this blog lately. The low amount of views has deterred me from sharing my thoughts at all recently. The other problem I had with this site was that it had become too cluttered. While I have little control over who views this site, I can at least do something about the mess.

To this end, I’ve changed the format of Coreysbook, eliminating the background which slowed load time, and deleted some of the pages no one clicked on. For example, when I started this site, I was under the influence of blogging hubris, thinking if I gave people a chance to donate money, they’d do it, thus sparing me the task of monetizing this site in any way. As it so happens, no one did this, and so I am contemplating using Google ads. I’d avoided these for a long time, thinking I didn’t want any ads attached to my thoughts, but only recently did I realize WordPress was already doing this!  When I log in and view my own site, I don’t see the ads, and didn’t know others were being assaulted with ads for diet pills and computer software. If there’s going to be ads, I might as well be the one profiting from them. I’m still debating how to handle this.

Expect some more changes in the near future. I plan to create a page containing all of my music reviews, and to create a new page featuring free previews from my novels A Rapturous Occasion and The Madness of Art: Short Stories. As usual, subscription and every article on this site is free.

Thanks for your continuing interest, and do me a favor and check out my author page on Amazon.


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