New Feature: Strong Opinions Held Weekly

Originally when I started up Coreysbook (this blog), I had it in mind to avoid controversial material that may divide my audience; recently I’ve had a change of heart. For one thing, right now my audience is so small that dividing it would be like trying to take blood from a stone. More importantly though, I have realized just how important it can be to take a contrary opinion, to be controversial when necessary, and to offer up a counter-argument whenever the original is illogical.

However, this is a site primarily about art, books, and movies, so I don’t want to veer too far from my early intentions. That’s why I’m calling this new feature “Strong Opinions Held Weekly.” Once a week I’ll share my thoughts on politics and current events and will try my best not to veer away from divisive material for fear of alienating the reader. If this sounds boorish to you, simply avoid the articles with the Strong Opinions Held Weekly Banner, but if this sounds exciting, please subscribe to this site (it’s free) or bookmark it.

The first installment will come later today!


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