New Promo Pics for My Book A Rapturous Occasion

Here’s an image I put together this morning to help promote my novel A Rapturous Occasion. The pic shows what is essentially the setting for more than half of the book: a mansion isolated in rich forestland and rolling hills.

To make this image, I started out by scribbling everything down in pencil–it was a mess. I then used a lightbox to trace out the better parts of my scribbles. After that came the longish process of adding layers and layers of color using Photoshop, a program I only recently started using.

The result, while not perfect, is better than much of what I’ve created in the past, largely because I used a graphic pen tablet for the first time. It’s a pen that functions as a mouse. With that, I was able to draw in the shadows, adding a new dimension that’s lacking from my previous efforts.

Below is the same image as above, sans text.

My book A Rapturous Occasion is available on Amazon in paperback ($8.99) and as an ebook ($o.99). CLICK HERE to see it on Amazon.

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