Song of the Day: Disconnected by Rancid

Artist: Rancid
Song Title: Disconnected
Album: Let the Dominoes Fall

To be clear, Disconnected isn’t one of Rancid’s best songs, not even one of the top 20. As punk songs go, it’s pretty standard–power chords, sing-along chorus, lots of shouting. There’s one thing about Disconnected though that I find very intriguing. The lyrics in the verses all resemble the moony sentiments you’d expect to hear in a love song, “Where’s my girl, where she gone?” and so on, but the last line of the chorus changes everything when Tim Armstrong sings “Disconnected from the country I love.”

At first, it seems odd that what was presumably a love song suddenly shifts to a political song, but then it occured to me, isn’t patriotism itself a love story? And, as is more often the case, isn’t patriotism a case of unrequited love?

Disconnected already anticipates the reactions of the other side, people who will immediately say, once you criticize the US in any way, that you must hate America. The chorus clearly states “the country I love,” meaning this isn’t an acrimonious finger-pointing song, rather it’s almost a weepy love ballad, except sped up and played louder.

By the way, I could definitely live without the line “Disconnected, there’s a sword through the dove,” but we shouldn’t let the occasional bit of doggerel distract us from what is otherwise a pretty solid song.

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What’s your opinion of Disconnected by Rancid?


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