Snubbed by the Helium Comedy Club!!!

Hi. I’ve started doing standup comedy as a hobby & I’ve performed four times now at open mics. Two of those times were at the Portland Helium Comedy Club, a somewhat popular venue near Hawthorne. Tonight, after practicing my new material all day, I signed up only to find out an hour later I did not make the list. For a morbidly insecure person like myself, this was a huge setback. I’ll probably never go there again, which is upsetting since they’re more popular than the other shows in town. I’ve generally found the Helium to be a bit cliquey, to the point where it seems the comedians–who all know each other somehow–perform for each other rather than for the audience. 

Oh well. It’s their loss. They won’t get to hear my brilliant material about the Octo-mom’s gynecologist or how I rank hobos on what I call their “hobotude.” 

I might try and perform instead at the Brody Theater tomorrow, which isn’t nearly as popular as the Helium but at least isn’t so impossibly snobbish. 

Being a standup comedian is hard. Especially when you’re a fall-down drunk. (Kidding) (not exactly). 


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