my new book of eight short stories

Hello, my name’s Corey Pung, I’ve published a book (see above) and this is my blog Coreysbook.  I put a lot into the name of the site, didn’t I?  The book is called The Madness of Art: Short Stories.  There’s ads all over this blog for it so you can’t miss it.

This blog though isn’t just an excuse for me to hawk my book, although that was my original aim.  Now, this is a blog created to share with you all sorts of different aspects of the arts & entertainment world.  My taste in art is so wide and far-reaching you might as well call me tasteless.  I read a lot of very different books, listen to all sorts of music, and have watched tons of movies.  The nifty thing about this site is that I don’t just obsess over what’s new or what’s in–in fact, I normally avoid what’s popular.  This is a site to come to to learn about movies you very well may not ever have heard of, such as La Chinoise or Black Narcissus, plus find info on movies you’d never think to watch, like Howard the Duck.  The same goes for books.   I’ve strived in recent years to read a variety of literature and different genres, so on this site you’ll find book reviews of everything from A Clash of Kings to Life is Elsewhere.

This site’s not only criticism though.  As often as possible I like to throw in helpful essays, like how to improve your dialogue if you’re a writer, avoiding writer’s block, and how to get the most out of reading.  A popular post right now is my essay on my favorite actress from the classic days of Hollywood.

Of course, this site isn’t all heady intellectual junk.  I like to intersperse posts that are nothing more than an excuse for using bad puns or childish humor or snotty comments, such as my extensive write up of the film ID4: Independence Day, my F+ awards, my ridiculous films challenge, and my posts showing my favorite old wacky book covers.

I’d like to also point out that everything on Coreysbook is free, including subscription.  The only cost to you is that I’ll constant invent new and rascally ways to shill my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories in just about every post I upload.  By the way, have you considered reading my book?  It’s an ebook.

You can get it on Amazon


You can get it on the Barnes and Noble site.

Right now it’s priced at $6.99, but if that seems too high, you can participate in the promotion I’m running right now.  If you sort through all the textual bric-a-brac on the right side of the screen you’ll see a button telling you to follow The Madness of Art: Short Stories on Facebook.  If I can get twenty more people to “like” the page, I’ll lower the price to $3 for 3 days.  That’s why I’m calling this my “$3 for 3” promotion.  Aren’t I just clever with names?

Also, if one day you’re stricken with a bad case of noblesse oblige, you can always fix that by donating to Coreysbook.  I’m sort of the starving author you sometimes hear about, but parodoxically I’m rather plump, which is definitely a mark of our times since people with tiny incomes can afford to eat, but can’t afford to eat well (or maybe I’m just blaming society for my ills–I do that sometimes).

Do I have any credentials?  If dropping out of three colleges counts for anything, then yes, yes I do.  I’ve also published a book for crying out loud.  I occasionally write reviews for the Portland Book Review, a quarterly that’s published her in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve read a book a week (more or less) for about the last five years, and for a while at least I watched a movie every single day–that number has substantially decreased, but I still watch a lot.

So think of Coreysbook as a magazine, except without all of the advertising (okay, there’s some advertising, but mostly for my book) and without a cost.  Subscribe if you want, but be forewarned your inbox might fill up with all of the content I insist on loading here.  I’d recommend bookmarking the page at least, or making it your homepage (now there’s an idea!).


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