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No Party is Complete Without Spam!

As most people should know, the trick to throwing an enjoyable party–whether it’s formal or casual, an important event or a thrown together soiree–is to include items and foods which are bound to inspire interesting and amusing conversations. Otherwise, you could be left with a limp fish of a party; everyone standing around, listening to … Continue reading

My Favorite Short Story Collections

Readers of my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories express mild embarassment when they meet me. They then admit they haven’t yet read the whole book, but have been busy. I’m hoping this is the only reason for their embarassment. In reality, this embarassment is completely baseless. Short story collections, in most cases, are … Continue reading

Funny Flash Fiction: The Lust Generation

Right now I’m working on writing a new collection of stories where each contain some sort of strange premise or twist. The details right now are sketchy, as I’ve only completed four stories in early drafts, but I’m hoping to self-publish this collection sometime this year. Until then, I’d like to go ahead and share … Continue reading

Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi: Masterful Manga

Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi is a manga masterpiece that can be perfectly enjoyed by people–like myself–who don’t necessarily enjoy manga. If you’re skeptical about reading manga, rest assured, there are no giant robots, emo heroes with long hair covering one eye, or ditzy, cloying damsels in distress to be found here. Instead, Black Blizzard is a … Continue reading