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Snubbed by the Helium Comedy Club!!!

Hi. I’ve started doing standup comedy as a hobby & I’ve performed four times now at open mics. Two of those times were at the Portland Helium Comedy Club, a somewhat popular venue near Hawthorne. Tonight, after practicing my new material all day, I signed up only to find out an hour later I did … Continue reading

Skyfall Movie Review: Not Just Another James Bond Film

I have a distinction to make: Skyfall is a brilliant, beautiful, and breathtaking movie–but it’s not a James Bond film. I mean that as a compliment too. Of course, Skyfall is nominally a Bond movie, with all of the recognizable characters showing up: James, Q, M, Moneypenny, and there’s the mincing, off-kilter, European villain we’ve come to … Continue reading

Free Wallpaper Image By Me

Free Wallpaper Image By Me

I recently started drawing and writing my own comic series titled “The Middling Misadventures of Mild-Man.” Here’s an image from issue 2 I reformated to work as a desktop image. The dimensions are 1280 x 800, which should be fine for Macbooks or PC laptops. To set it as your desktop, view the image and … Continue reading