Movie Reviews

Here’s all of the movie reviews and related articles I’ve written up so far.  They’re listed alphabetical by title.  I watch several movies a week, so check back frequently.

13 Assassins

Ball of Fire 

Black Narcissus

The Book of Eli


Carnal Knowledge

The Case of the Grinning Cat

Cat People & The Curse of the Cat People

Cave of the Forgotten Dreams

Cedar Rapids

La Chinoise

Closely Watched Trains


Dead of Night

Les Diaboliques

The Exterminating Angel

Hall Pass

Hollywood or Bust


His Kind of Woman

Horrible Bosses 

Howard the Duck

Independence Day

Kind Hearts and Coronets

The Lady Vanishes

Midnight in Paris 


The Most Dangerous Game

The Perfect Host

Psycho (1960), A Psychological Essay,

Source Code

Super 8

Taro The Dragon Boy (from my other site about cartoons and comics)

They Live By Night

Thieves Like Us

The Third Man

Transformers 3

Wait Until Dark

Win Win 

The Wings of the Eagle

Other items of interest for film fanatics.

An essay about what an anti-detective is, and examples of where they show up in films and literature.

A long post about my favorite actress from The Golden Age, as well as a poll where you can vote for your favorite classic actress.

Charlotte Chandler’s Billy Wilder Biography

Book about film critic Pauline Kael

Some thoughts on best directors lists.

My thoughts on some of the upcoming releases in theaters.

A humorous post about my ideas for ID4: Independence Day 2.


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